Profoto B10 "This is the ONE"


“This is the ONE”

Profoto B10

Hi! Let me introduce myself to you. I am Ram, a Celebrity & Fashion Photographer based in India with over 5 years of hands-on experience in the field of Photography. Completing my One Year Photography from New York Film Academy in New York has helped me learn the art from the best of the best in the industry namely Chris Knight, Valerio Spada, Late. Nitin Vadukkul, Dawit L Petros, Laura Barisonzi,etc.

I always believe that every image conveys a story and behind those images, there is a process which is a compelling story by itself.

I will utilise this space from now on to share my thoughts on the products, materials, DIYs, softwares, locations, etc., that I use to make my imagination become reality and I will also be sharing the beautiful process in-between.

I, hereby welcome you to my first blog.

- Ram


Profoto has always been a part of my photography. Starting from their Acute Pro heads, I have used the Profoto D2, B2 , D1, B1, A1 and now this one……………………..The Profoto B10, Profoto’s new ambitious product. But, is the B10 really worth the hype? I, myself doubted if something this small can help me as a tool to bring life to my ideas that big!?  During a meeting with Mr. Vijay, the founder of Srishti Digilife (the official distributors of Profoto in India), he asked me to try out the Profoto B10 in the field and without any hesitation I seized the opportunity like a hungry lion.


TRANQUIL is the name of the fashion series I had in my mind for quite sometime now. Tranquil is a series that is meant to be done out of the city limits where the subject interacts with the nature around and my job is to just present every frame to the viewers in the best possible manner. I wanted a powerful light source to over power the bright sun in Chennai and also wanted the light to be small and mobile so that it will be easy for my team to set up the light in any tough terrain. So when I got the hands on the Profoto B10, I immediately knew that I could test this B10’s potential to the fullest in this shoot.


The moment I started testing out the Profoto B10, the first thing that surprised me was its form factor. Profoto really had put some extra thoughts to make this device as small and compact as possible but the best part is that it is compatible with their huge line up of light shaping tools that we all have and use without a need for a converter or any extra accessory.

Profoto B10 is almost as powerful as a Profoto D2 which was hard to believe. The difference between the D2 and the B10 is just a stop which to me is negligible as the D2 is not as compact or light weight as the B10 and also it always needs a power source! With the help of the Profoto Magnum Reflector, I was able to get 1 more extra stop of light and with the help of HSS (High Speed Sync) feature I was able to over power the harsh sun light and expose for the sky and the background. With a single B10 and Profoto Magnum Reflector, I was able to mimic the sun and create such a beautiful yet hard light on my subject.

Profoto B10

Profoto B10

The feature I loved the most was the battery life. I just used one light for the entire day of shoot and it started from 9 am and went on till 6 pm. With over 350 shots during the shoot, I still had 60% of the battery left in the B10. To me this is the best I have seen having in mind the compact form factor, weight and compatibility to use all the Profoto Light shaping tools without the use of any converter.

The new Profoto App lets you control the light from a distance without having someone or yourself manually dial down/up the power on the light which is great. It is now available for iOS users. But as an Android user I expect Profoto to bring the App to the Play Store soon.

The next best feature that amazed me was the power and versatility of the modelling light. Now, with the Profoto B10’s led modelling light, we can use it as a continuous light source for our video making and adjusting the colour temperature of the light in the device itself is an added cherry on the cake.

*Our intro video was shot with the help of the B10’s modelling light.

The modelling light on the B10 is definitely not a powerful light source that can replace your ARRI or any other dedicated continuous lights. So, if your majority of the work revolves around video content production, this is definitely not the one I would recommend. Also, using the modelling light for a fairly long time drains the battery quickly. It is always better to have the B10 connected to a power source when you use the modelling light for longer duration.

Below on the left you can have a look at the ambient exposure I was getting on camera and on the right you can see how with just one Profoto B10 I was able to achieve the dramatic feel that I had in my mind when I envisioned this fashion series.

*Other than the B10 we also used a Westcott 1 stop diffuser and a reflector.


Now with this comparison, I am sure you will be able to visualise the power of just one Profoto B10 and with just half the power. I was blown away with the results I saw and knowing what I could do with something this small. As a photographer, I always look for products to make my shoot time stress free and simple. Every time I test out lighting products of different brands, I always ask myself, “Is this the one?”. After testing the B10 I now finally feel that “THIS IS THE ONE”!

TRANQUIL - Fashion Series

  • Photography & Re-Touching : RAM Photographites | Talent : Esha Gohil |

  • HMUA : Team KAVYA Makeovers (SHANA) | Stylist : Esha Gohil |

  • Wardrobe : ZARA | Assisitants : Nitish and Dhananjayan |

I definitely appreciate you for the time you spent on this blog and hope this helps you in your future purchase or renting decisions. Your likes and comments have always motivated me the past and I would like to ask you to leave your valuable and honest comments in the comments section below. If you liked the blog, kindly click the heart icon and share it with your friends to show your appreciation.

See you on my next blog. PEACE!

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